About Us

We are a Data Driven Marketing Firm for B2C, B2B, and eCommerce Focused Companies

Mark Dolan: Owner and CEO

Our History

We started Cyrid Media in 2000 as a commercial TV production company, but soon added media planning, media buying and marketing strategy to our service offerings.

In 2012, in response to the growing trend towards digital, we founded Essex Digital Platform, to provide advanced digital ad solutions for our clients. 

As EDP grew, it became clear, the data we were gathering from our clients digital  campaigns could help us make better marketing decisions with their traditional media campaigns.


On February 15th, 2022, we merged Essex Digital Platform into Cyrid Media to create a true omni-media, data-driven marketing firm. We have combined our knowledge of legacy media with new technology to create a silo-less marketing solution for our clients across all media channels and devices.

At Cyrid Media, we are early adapters to the technological change sweeping through the media industry today. We don’t fear change;  we anticipate and embrace it. We are innovators, and we strive to connect with clients who see change as opportunity.  

November 2000
Cyrid Media History
Cyrid Media Founded

Cyrid Media launches as a video production and traditional media buying firm. The name "Cyrid" derived from the owner's grandfathers first names: Cyril on the mothers side and David on the fathers side.

January 2012
Essex Digital Platform History
Essex Digital Platform Founded

We launched Essex Digital Platform in an effort to remain relevant in a rapidly changing, data-driven world. EDP became Cyrid Media's back-end advanced digital ad solutions provider. 

April 2022
Cyrid Media History
New Cyrid media Logo
Media Merger

We merged Essex Digital Platform into Cyrid Media to create a true Omni-Media, silo-less marketing solution. Now, we provide marketing services across all media platforms and devices under one roof. 

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