Fred Martin Auto Group


Adam Huff, CEO and Owner of Fred Martin Auto Group, knew he had to have a stronger marketing presence online. For years, his dealerships dominated local cable and Broadcast TV advertising. However, with cable cord-cutters and increased consumer media consumption occurring online, Adam tasked us with rolling out a comprehensive omni-channel digital marketing strategy for his dealerships.


Our task was to migrate our client’s ad budget to include several forms of digital advertising without increasing their overall ad spend, and without losing their market share.


We immediately created an audience model/profile from their existing first-party CRM data to understand who is interacting with their brands. Once we understood this data, we implemented an Omni-Channel digital ad campaign using the following strategies:

  • Behavioral targeting to market to car-intenders
  • Contextual targeting to market to car -intenders actively researching cars
  • CRM Targeting to reach existing customers with service/lease offers
  • Geo-Fencing the competition
  • Connected TV to reach consumers who have migrated from traditional media consumption to digital media.
  • Implemented Keyword Targeting campaign to deliver displays to those who searched client-specific keywords


The results are varied because we are dealing with over 5 dealership location across two states. However, overall YOY website activity,  conversions (credit applications, request more information) and most importantly,  sales are all up. Adam Huff continues to commit more of his annual budget to digital advertising in an effort to follow the consumer media consumption shift that is occurring.