We are ROI-Focused

We design each campaign with our client's ROI in mind.

Kevin Flanigan: Partnership Development Manager

ROI Focused

It goes without saying, every media campaign should try to tie back to a return on investment. But until digital advertising came along, that was easier said than done. Today, however, with the proper use of cookies and device ID’s and universal identifiers like emails, tracking your return on ad spend is more of a reality than ever before.

Developing an attribution model for conversions is admittedly an inexact science still. Conversion paths are murky, and usually filled with incomplete or inconclusive data in the hands of unskilled practitioners. But many of these shortfalls can be mitigated by implementing a thoughtful tagging strategy upfront, and a commitment to handling the  data in a centralized, silo-less environment. 


In order to establish real ROI, the incoming data from each digital campaign, regardless of the digital tactic used, needs to be normalized for accurate analysis. This cannot be achieved if a client is utilizing multiple vendors to execute digital campaigns. Multiple vendors involved create data silos, and this creates data isolation. 

Clients need to see all results inside one reporting platform so they can develop their own subjective conversion attribution model. This is the only way to achieve a meaningful metric for establishing ROI across all tactics and devices. At Cyrid Media,  we funnel all of our campaigns through one DSP, and all of the resulting data is reported through one centralized online reporting platform. 

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