Our Omni-Media Approach

We deploy traditional, digital and social ad tactics in unison with each other...

Kevin Flanigan: Partnership Development Manager

Convergent Marketing

We are an industry leader in developing convergent marketing strategies for clients. We deploy traditional, digital and social ad tactics in unison with each other: to maximize reach on all devices and mediums; to avoid duplication of impressions to the same audience; and to improve ROI.

We encourage clients to avoid “Silo-ing” their marketing data and subsequent decisions. Too often, we find clients using a media buying firm to buy their traditional media (Radio/TV/Cable), another firm to execute their digital campaigns, and yet a third firm to deploy their social media. In these media “siloes’, it is impossible to normalize data.

 Furthermore, a siloed marketing environment encourages confusing and biased opinions of the data among vendors in an effort to protect their portion of the budget. Our impartial, Omni-Media approach combines the best of what linear advertising has to offer with digital and social media advertising to help clients reach unduplicated, targeted audiences across all screens, platforms and devices.

Our recommendations are shaped by incoming data taken from relevant, online consumer behavior. This intelligence helps us optimize digital and social media campaigns, and allows us to become more targeted with traditional ad buys for our clients.


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